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Stress among teens is at an all-time high. 91% of teens cite school as a significant source of stress and 73% of parents worry about their kids becoming too stressed. And it doesn’t stop there. Don’t let stress get the best of you—it’s time to do something about it! FIVE STAR® wants to empower teens with the confidence to tap into their inner strength to combat stress.


Shockingly, small amounts of stress can actually be helpful. But if you find yourself feeling stressed a lot, too intensely or too often, it can start having adverse effects on your mind and body. FIVE STAR® has partnered with TED-Ed to help you learn more about the science behind stress. The more knowledge you have about stress, the stronger you’ll be when it’s time to tackle it head on.

What is TED-Ed? TED-Ed is an award-winning youth and education initiative with the mission of sparking and celebrating the ideas of teachers and students around the world.

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